Webinar: Dietary Recommendations for NAFLD Patients: What Do I Tell My Patients?

When:  Aug 19, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)


The purpose of this webinar is to provide the audience with the most current data regarding dietary intervention in NAFLD. The first talk "How Much Weight Should I Lose?" will focus on: he amount required for weight loss; changes in histology; and likelihood of success and exercise data. The second talk "Which Diet Should I Follow and Which Food I Should Eat or Avoid?" will include: types of diet; data on international diets; alcohol use; coffee; red meat; fructose; and others. The third talk "How Should I Start My Diet and How Would I Follow Up?" will include practical examples from NAFLD clinics. A patient with NAFLD with join the presenter during the third talk.

Content Contributor



Manuel Romero Gomez, MD
Michelle Long, MD, MSc
Zachary Henry, MD


Mazen Noureddin, MD, MHSc