Engage App Guide

The AASLD Engage Online Community is the exclusive online networking tool where AASLD Special Interest Group Members can ask advice, share expertise, and connect with other members.

Below are the steps to help you find, download, and navigate the Engage App:

1) Open Your App Store on Your Mobile Device
2) Search for the MemberCentric App
3) Download & Open the App
4) Search for AASLD
5) Click on the AASLD Name 6) Welcome to the App Login Screen
7) Enter Your AASLD.org Username & Password
8) Click the “Log In” Button
9) Welcome to the Discussions Home Screen – Discussions are sorted by the most recent discussions in all Communities that you are a member of: 10) From the Discussions Home Screen, you can open, view and reply to a single discussion by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the screen:
11) Once in a Discussion Post, you can now reply to the post and begin engaging! 12) When replying to a post, you have the options to reply to the thread, reply to the sender or forward as an email:
13) From the Discussions Home Screen, you can also Create a New Discussion. To do this click on the Compose Button in the upper right-hand corner: 14) When creating a new post, the first thing you need to do is select the community that it should be posted to. To do this, click in the “To:” Box:
15) Then Choose the Community that you would like the discussion to be posted to: 16) Then type your subject line and message and then hit the send button in the upper right-hand corner:
17) There are many tools in the App that you can also access by clicking the Menu Button (three lines button) in the upper right-hand corner: 18) From the Main Menu, you can search for contacts, access your messages, view the upcoming events, search through the community libraries, or visit a specific community:
19) To search for Contacts, click on the “People" Button: 20) View your contacts or search for new contacts:
21) To read messages that have been sent to you, click on the “Inbox” button: 22) You will see all of your messages along with any contact requests and community invitation requests:
23) To see the list of upcoming AASLD Events, click on the “Calendar” Button: 24) You will see all public events as well as any events that are specific to the communities in which you belong:
25) Libraries contain documents that have been uploaded to your communities. To see the list of documents that have been shared, click on the “Library” Button: 26) You can then search for specific files, see the latest library entries, any files that you have marked as a favorite and any entries that you have posted:
27) Also, from the Main Menu, you can navigate to a specific community. To do this, scroll down through your communities and select the one you would like to enter: 28) Once you enter a community, you can see the discussions specific to that community, explore that community’s library, and search the community’s members:
29) Each Community has their own communication preferences for the App. To review/change your communication preferences, click the “Gear Icon” in the upper right-hand corner: 30) You can now select if you would like all notifications, notification for discussion threads in which you have participated or if you would like no notifications from this community.

For further assistance, please contact the AASLD Membership Team at aasld@aasld.org