Community User Guide

The AASLD Engage Online Community is the exclusive online networking tool where AASLD Special Interest Group Members can ask advice, share expertise, and connect with other members. Below are steps to help you get started.



  1. Go to and click the “Sign In” button in the top right corner.
  2. You will then be redirected to the member login page on the AASLD website. Enter your AASLD member login information. If you do not know your login credentials, click “forgot username,” or “forgot password” in the login box.
  3. When logging into the AASLD Community for the first time, you will be asked to read and review the “code of conduct.”



To update your profile, click the drop down menu in the top right corner and select “Profile.” Here, you can add an image and update your email subscription preferences. You also will be able to add a biography, educational background, job history and much more!

Once you are in your profile, an important area to update is your Privacy Settings. This area is where you choose what information you would like for other members and/or contacts can see. All contact information is defaulted to "Only You".

To access your Privacy Settings, click on the "My Account" drop down menu and then select "Privacy Settings".

Once in the Privacy Settings section, you can choose which information you would like for people to see by click the drop down menu next to each category:


In your profile, under the "My Account" options, you can manage your notification settings under the "Community Notifications" option. This will give you control over how you'd like to receive emails that contain a summary of posts in your Communities. To access this area, click the "My Account" drop down and then click "Community Notifications".

There are currently five subscription options:

  • Real Time: You will receive the messages to your inbox as they are posted.
  • Daily Digest: You will receive one email per day, combining all of the posts made to that specific community for that day.
  • No Email Notifications: You will not receive discussion notifications via email. However, you can still read and reply to messages online.
  • Plain Text: You will receive an email in plain text as discussions are posted.
  • Consolidated Digest: You will receive on email per day, combining all of the posts made in all the communities you are a member of.

We strongly encourage you to opt for the "daily digest" option so you do not miss anything that has happened on the community. You are currently defaulted to receive the "daily digest". If you would like to change your notification settings, simply click on the drop down menu to the right of each community you belong to and choose which notification option you would like:


To see all of the Communities that you belong to, click the "Communities" drop down menu and select "My Communities." 


To start a discussion, first select which community you wish to start a discussion in, then click on “Participate” drop down menu and then click on “Post Message.” This will start a new discussion in that Community:



There are three ways to reply to a discussion.

  • Reply Inline – Reply to the original post and is visible to everyone in the group. This option will post a reply directly under the original post. In general, we recommend you select this option, unless you’re providing sensitive information or a personal message. This option will automatically add your account to "follow" the discussion and receive any responses to your post.
  • Reply to Discussion - Reply to the original post (old function), serves the same as the 'inline' but utilizes the old functionality.
  • Reply to Sender – Reply privately to the original sender through a private message.  This option will send your reply only to the person who posted the message to which you are replying. This option is appropriate when sending a simple “thank you” or similar message that is intended only for the sender.
The default is to "Reply Inline" but if you would like to choose "Reply to Discussion" or "Reply to Sender", click on the drop down menu to the right of "Reply Inline" and choose which option you would like:


By utilizing the "reply inline" option, you will automatically be subscribed to the thread and follow it. To un-follow, once inside the post, click the gray star to the right of the title of the thread and it should switch to an outline which will signify you are no longer subscribed to the thread. Please note, Following a Thread enables real-time emails of the discussion and overrides any current communication settings.


To add members as contact, click on the "Members" tab from the Community Home Page:

Once you find the member(s) you are looking for, you can add them as a contact. Adding contacts creates an organized list in your profile where you can easily access who you are looking for. To add a member, click on the button at the right where it says “Add as Contact”. That member is now saved in your contact list.

Benefits of Adding Contacts

  • From your profile, you have quick access to your contacts’ profile information and the ability to send private messages faster.
  • Other members can see who your contacts are, which helps you connect with more members.

You also have the ability to message a member of your community (or contacts) directly. From the community home page click on the members tab:

Once you find the member you are looking to message, click on "Send Message" to the right of their name:

A separate message window will open for you to message them directly.



For further assistance, please contact the AASLD Membership Team at