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  • I agree the issue is confusing.    I would think mild to moderate alcoholic hepatitis would meet NIAAA criteria clinically, but MELD < 21 and DF < 32. The real debate in my mind is how best to separate out the histopathologic diagnosis from the clinical ... Login

  • Thank you Dr Massoumi @Hatef Massoumi --------------------------------- Tehseen Haider MD Gastroenterology Fellow Montefiore Medical Center Yonkers NY --------------------------------- Login

  • Hello, I have been trying to study mild to moderate alcoholic hepatitis, however it is very difficult to to. The main reason is confusion or no consensus about the definition. I know a MDF score of  less than 32 or MELD score < 21 (More studies use MDF ... Login

  • As far as I know, the label says "below 0.5%" which could be simply a legal disclaimer to protect the company and the actual content could be even less than that. To me, the more important aspect is the image of the beer which can trigger recidivism. ... Login

  • That sounds great. In my practice the only drug I use for AUD is Baclofen and ​unfortunately with not much success. Iryna Kalinina ------------------------------ Iryna Kalinina MSN, NP-C Cleveland Clinic North Royalton OH --------------------------- ... Login

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